Meet Melon

What's a girl to do when her br-assy mother gives her the unfortunate name of a fruit? Make melonade or get even? Melon is convinced she can do both with style. Not so much on the grace. 

Melon never did things conventionally and she's not going to start now. She's obsessed with Pinup even though it's 2016 - concurrently loving the beauty and independence while trying to redefine the objectification. When she's fired from her specialty stylist job she has no idea she's about to enter the world of cross-dressing, drag shows,  Pride parades, and ultimately, YouTube stardom. 

Join Melon on a hilariously cheeky, yet  moving excursion of sushi, internet celebrities, and self discovery. It's the modern girl, satirical take on the fairytale... Once Upon a Pin {named Melon}!