Meet Piper

Piper Talbot’s ambition and talent landed her a prestigious spot with Balanchine's New York City Academy of Ballet at the age of 12. In her final pre-professional year with NYCAB, Piper’s mother reveals a devastating health condition that sends Piper straight back home to Austin, despite her mother’s protests.

With her brooding brother, paradoxically named Talent, mysteriously gone missing, and her new Russian director at Austin Ballet Company breathing down her neck both professionally and personally, Piper is one quantum second from her own blue paper ticket straight to the funny farm. And that’s when she runs into Bentley, her former childhood best friend turned first love. 

Can Piper summon the devotion that drove her to success in ballet to save her family or will it come at the cost of her lifelong dream? Does she need rescuing or just a prescription? And where the hell is Talent when she needs him? Join Piper as she navigates the dark worlds of ballet, addiction, OCD, and anxiety.